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Framed! Buying an artist canvas on holiday

Scenario 1

You’re on holiday wandering around the town, when you come across a local artist selling their masterpieces… you buy a painting to remind you of your amazing trip and choose a large unframed canvas you can roll up, for ease of transporting it back home.

Now to getting it framed.  The canvas is 1765mm long x 960mm wide. You start to look for a picture framer to finish the process, but unknowingly the canvas bought is a really weird size and it’s far too long for your standard picture framer….

Perhaps it can be stretched and wrapped over a wooden frame? No, there’s not enough canvas to wrap it round the outside of the frame and secure it without interfering with the main picture image…

How about getting a bespoke frame made – go to a specialist exhibition picture framer? Ouch, a quote for a wood frame with glass is more than going on holiday again – however another concern raised was the glass area being so vast it could crack unless you go for a toughened glass which would then be too heavy to hang without industrial strength reinforced fixings…A year goes by and your canvas is still rolled up collecting dust…


A bespoke lightweight fabric-tension-frame?

Standard or made to measure size frames to fit your canvas available – we build what you need!

There are two fitting approaches depending on the amount of spare canvas available on the border.

  1. Stitch a silicon edge on to the canvas which feeds into the tension frame.
  2. Embed a gripper strip in the frame and using a special tool push the canvas directly into a frame.

Ref below: Frame ordered 1685 mm x 860 mm with silicon grippers.

image 0
Made to measure
fabric display frame
Easy to assemble







final pull and feed
tight as a drum
Pizza slice required
Stretch and feed









Ta, daa… Challenge completed… Just in time to book another holiday!

image 5