ISOframe exhibition frameworks allow you to create stunning bespoke designs that are both reconfigurable and reusable for multiple events.

Flexibility is the key with any ISOframe structure, and we know that customers are increasingly looking to reuse stands for multiple events to save cost. ISOframes enables you to change the shape and size of any system, from event to event, quickly and easily and without the need to reprint graphics.

ISOframe is an aluminium framework that’s assembled without tools and can be clad with a wide range of printable substrates. Foam-board, tension fabric, dibond, MDF and high gloss PET to name a few, can be mounted onto an ISOframe to create the finish you require. Bespoke, custom modular designs can be created to give maximum impact for any exhibitor.

ISOframe Wave
Stunning looks, infinite flexibility and extremely user-friendly! Form the shape of the stand to suit the venue – create beautiful curves and perfect flat walls all with just one system. As all the graphics are the same width you can extend or reduce the overall display width to fit your exhibition space, offering enormous flexibility.

ISOframe Wave is the first portable display system combining the best of all worlds. It allows you to flex the entire exhibit wall into the shape you need at each venue and even to extend or reduce as required. This flexbility is thanks to the unique Flexi-Wave link connector which connects every vertical post in the system. ISOframe Wave is ideal for small and medium sized exhibit areas where total flexibility is paramount.

Because ISOframe Wave is based on the original ISOframe concept it also incorporates the patented FASTclamp connector. This is used to attach the base supports and additional beams to the system instantly without tools, meaning no more struggling with the nuts and bolts used on other systems. Additional beams can also be attached for shelving, table attachments or TFT/LCD screens. ISOframe Wave uses an all-metal construction, so there are no breakable plastic parts. In fact, we are so confident about Wave’s durability we offer a lifetime system guarantee.

Features include:
Easy 'no tools' assembly
Flex the entire display to create the shape you need
Enlarge or reduce your display width to suit the venue
Mini 2090mm, Midi 2290mm and Maxi 2490mm height options
All graphics are standard 800mm wide
Uses rollable graphic for easy transportation
i-Line graphics alignment for perfect alignment even on uneven floors
Attach LCD screen up to 36” (18kg)
Easily attach table and shelves
Perfect for shell schemes or space only events
Extremely compact in transit – will fit in the boot of a car!

ISOframe 800
The professional display stand for the self-build exhibitor. ISOframe 800 allows you to take control of your exhibition build cost. Reduced set-up time and no specialist trades, along with reduced storage and transportation costs, not to mention the re-usability of the system means exhibiting becomes a lot more cost effective with ISOframe 800. ISOframe 800 uses a number of patented concepts to help make frame assembly and graphic hanging as simple as possible.

ISOframe 800 can be used with many different graphic substrates: magnetic flexible roll-up graphics, rigid and semi-rigid graphics, tension fabric-backlit film and fabric, front and rear projection screens, TFT and plasma units.

ISOframe aluminium frames are the first in the world to feature a keyless clamp. The patented FASTclamp eliminates the need for tools and speeds up assembly for the stand builder and greatly simplifies assembly. All graphics use our patented i-line Intelligent Graphic Alignment System to make graphic hanging as simple as possible.

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