Aluminium signs

Aluminium signs are, quite simply, the best all-round solution for a wide range of signage applications.

Aluminium composite – also known as Dibond® – is incredibly durable and hardwearing, whether installed inside or outside, in the wet or the dry and in hot weather or cold. It’s relatively lightweight and yet very rigid, largely due to its polyethylene core with an aluminium skin. And to cap it all off, it’s cost effective too!

All this adds up to position aluminium signs as one of the best solutions in the market – especially if you’re looking for a long term solution that’s going to stand the test of time. For instance, if you were looking to install some large graphics, imagery or logos on the outside of your business premises, then we would recommend aluminium composite as the best solution.

And it works inside too! In fact, brushed aluminium can be a very stylish material, and can work well printed with some stunning imagery and displayed on your office wall, printed with your business’ logo and installed in your reception, or perhaps as stylish signage affixed to the walls and doors around your offices. Check out Google Images for more inspiration.

Whatever your application, B2B Graphics specialise in printing directly to the aluminium panel, which gives us huge advantages in keeping costs low, durability high and image quality flawless.

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