Corex signs

Corex signs are inexpensive, durable, lightweight and waterproof, which makes them an ideal solution for a range of applications – particularly short-term outdoor advertising on a limited budget.

A corex sign is made from corrugated plastic, which makes it structurally robust and lightweight. Unlike foamex and SMART-X® signs, a corex board can take a fair few knocks without cracking or breaking, which makes it the ideal material if you’re using it somewhere that it’s likely to get knocked (i.e. a warehouse) or if you expect to move it around regularly (i.e. an estate agent sign).

Corex’s corrugated plastic structure also makes it an economical material, as it uses less plastic per square metre than its competitors.

There is a small trade-off in print quality with corex signs, as you may be able to see the lines of the corrugated structure through the surface of the board. If you’re after flawless print quality, then consider foamex signs or dibond signs instead.

For everything else though, corex is a great budget, entry level material for signage. Check out Google Images for inspiration, and below are a few ideas of how this material can be best used:

• Estate agent signs
• Event signage
• Warehouse signage
• Health & safety signs
• Election campaign signs

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