Foamex signs

Economical, durable, lightweight and available in a range of sizes, foamex signs can be a fantastic all-round solution if you’re looking to acquire a great sign for indoor or outdoor use.

Foamex signs can come in different forms and sizes. They’re popular in both 3mm and 5mm thicknesses, and also encompass more specialist materials like SMART-X®, which is a super lightweight board made from 100% polystyrene. This variety is a better solution if you’re looking to have you sign suspended in the air or installed above head height.

Whatever the variety, the print quality with all types of foamex is second to none. Crisp images with bright, sharp colours mean that your sign is bound to get noticed. And because it’s so affordable, this means that you can keep your signage regularly updated.

A few ideas of how this material can be used include:

• Inserts for A-boards
• Large prints to attached to walls
• Affordable pictures to decorate your offices
• Signage at events
• Branding at exhibitions

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