Wall stickers

We can produce top quality wall stickers printed on either permanent or removable self-adhesive vinyl.

Removable self-adhesive vinyl stickers
We understand that there is a need for short-term advertising using removable stickers, and that some surfaces are very delicate; resulting in a demand for a material without an aggressive adhesive. We have researched and found the best substrates and adhesives for removable stickers and found a brilliant solution that sticks securely yet can be repositioned time after time, or removed with no residue left behind.

Permanent self-adhesive vinyl stickers
Permanent stickers are designed for occasions where there is a requirement for long-term use. Should you need your wall stickers for indoor or outdoor use, B2B Graphics will provide high quality, long-lasting permanent self-adhesive vinyl stickers which will have an extremely strong adhesive to ensure the stickers stick fast, meaning your message stays put!

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