Printing White Ink

In our first article we promised to bring you a bit of insight into the more specialist products and services that we can offer. So here’s the first: printing white ink.

For some of you this may sound odd or even completely bizarre, but printing white ink is actually a special service that not all that many wide format printers can offer. Fortunately we’ve recently invested in a brand new, state-of-the-art Mimaki flatbed printer that gives us this option.

What’s the advantage of printing white ink?

Well there are actually two big benefits – spot printing and underprinting – both of which make for some really stunning printed products.

Spot printing white ink involves printing a design or text directly onto a non-white material. Think dark-coloured paper, cardboard, acrylic, foam PVC or something wackier like a chunk of slate, some brushed aluminium or a rustic piece of reclaimed wood. Whatever material you choose, white ink can make for a stunning design (a quick Google image search will show you some pretty cool designs). The final result is visually impactful; clean, sharp and much better than relying on a white material for the white elements of your design.

Underprinting is also a major benefit. It involves printing a white undercoat of your design onto a non-white surface before the full colour design is applied. This may sound like a long way round, but printing colour onto coloured surfaces can mess with your carefully selected CMYK colours. They can appear duller than they did in the artwork, which can reduce the effect of your design. By underprinting with white, the colours turn out perfectly, and the finished result can be stunning!

Not only this, but underprinting with white allows us to print in crisp, sharp, bold colour on both sides of a material. So if you were looking for some window stickers that could be seen and read from both sides without the other design showing through, then a layer of white ink underprinted between each design would solve this.

So there you have it, printing with white ink! Simple when you think about it, but the results are pretty impressive.

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