turnip up

Turn-Ip Up!

After printing and installing a 10-metre bunch of asparagus, a 9-metre carrot, a 5-metre strawberry and a 6-metre cow for Fresh Direct, what do you choose for your next big depot? What else – it has to be a turnip!

The clever and creative bunch at Fresh Direct love to be big and bold when they’re branding their depots, and there’s no mistaking that they’re a fresh food business if you ever pass by.

So the latest graphic to be used in identifying Fresh Direct’s new depot is a 11-metre by 11-metre turnip. It took 3 days solid in production to prepare; the image was printed onto vinyl using the HP Latex L360, before being applied to 3mm aluminium composite, before being finished with a gloss. It comprises of a total of 17 digitally-profiled ‘Summa’ cut panels and took a day to install on the 13-metre-high building!

With a print quality life span of 5-7 years, that’s one impressively colourful and eye-catching turnip! Keep an eye for it when you’re next on the train heading south through Dagenham Dock.

“I am so happy with the final results. The turnip looks great! The team at B2B were, as always, helpful and efficient.”
Sarah-Jane Thompson, Head of Marketing

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