Example projects:

Fluted polypropylene or Correx signs are inexpensive, lightweight and waterproof, which makes them an ideal solution for a range of applications – particularly short-term outdoors advertising.

A Correx sign is made from corrugated polypropylene, which makes it structurally robust and lightweight. Unlike Foamex and SMART-X® signs, a Correx board can take a fair few knocks without cracking or breaking, which makes it the ideal material if you’re using it somewhere that it’s likely to get knocked (i.e. a warehouse) or if you expect to move it around regularly (i.e. an estate agent sign).

Correx is an extremely flexible material and can be used for:

  • Estate agent signs  
  • Event signage 
  • Warehouse signage 
  • Health & safety signs 
  • Election campaign signs